2008年5月2日 星期五

Trends of OLED display in the news

I have watch the OLED industry for two years. Some observed trends in this sector are recorded here.

1. The chemical companies expend the capacity by building new factory or buying start-up.

The Idemetsu of Japan expend the capacity of OLED material before SONY officially announced the XEL-1 OLED television(2006FEB07, source: NikkeiBP). Idemetsu also link agreement with Universal Display Companay(UDC, source:LEDinside) in 2008.

On the other hand, Sumimoto buys the British Cambridge Display Technology(2007AUG07) and Rohm and Haas acquires Gracel Display Deal Broadens Company's(2008APR07) display technologies business into OLED materials.

1.日美歐幾家化學公司開始收購 OLED 螢光材料公司

出光興業在2006年開始擴產OLED材料的工廠,並且加強與UDC的合作。Sumitomo在2007年買 Cambridge Display Technology另一家 Rohm and Hass最近則買下韓國公司以擴展OLED業務。

2. The AM-OLED companies (CMEL, LG Display) had signed licensed agreement with Kodak which has the essential patent portfolio of OLED.

2. 量產AM-OLED 的公司奇晶與LG Display 開始與有基礎專利的柯達簽訂專利授權合約

3. Gartner has rumor that next generation iPhone will have a OLED screen. The DisplaySearch analyst, Berry Young's Blog said that there is the possibility Apple and Samsung SDI is working on the OLED display for iPhone.

3. Gartner 傳出下一代 iPhone 將採用 OLED 顯示器。DisplaySerach 的產研專家Barry Young推測有此可能性,但難以說什麼時候上市。

4. Accroding to Digitimes, Samsung are going to ship OLED screen for NB and TV in 2009. For other major suppliers of OLED display, I list the product roadmap in following exhibit:

Product Roadmap

11-in TV


30-in TV Screen


medium and large-size panel
for NB, TV


32-in TV Screen

4. 電子時報報導,Samsung SDI 預計在2008 擴產到 300 萬片的規模。Samsung SDI則公開宣布計畫在 2009 推出NB,電視使用的 OLED 螢幕產品。幾家重要的OLED螢幕供應商預計的產品推出時間表如上所示。

5. The Digitimes interview with Executive VP of CMEL, 朴聖洙, in NOV 2007. CMEL now uses CMO 3.5 generation TFT-LCD to produce OLED display, but expects to build the second dedicate line for OLED in 2008.

5. 奇晶目前使用奇美3.5代線生產OLED螢幕,產量規模仍小,2008年要擴產第二條專用生產線。

More Trends in the news: Toshiba, Sharp Hitachi, Canon, Matsushita Samsung and Samsung SDI Deliver OLED News (from DisplaySearch)

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Display Bank (CEO Kwon, Sang-se), a market research company for display, surveyed shipments of AM OLED in the first quarter. The result showed that SDI shipped about 2.56million units, accounting for over 90% of entire market. LG Display produced about 120,000 units. If combining two companies, they accounted for 95% of world AM OLED market in the first quarter.

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Sumitomo set to produce 40-inch OLED panels in 2009

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AUO that they have resumed their OLED operation in January 2008. AUO used UDC's PHOLED materials

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Organic Electronics white paper


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DisplaySearch: OLED TV and Mini-Note Panels Will Grow the Most (6/8/2008)

DisplaySearch, the worldwide leader in display market research and consulting, has released the Q2'08 Worldwide Flat Panel Forecast Report showing what applications will grow the fastest over the next eight years. The report forecasts a 167% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for shipments of OLED panels from 2007 to 2015. The CAGR of shipments for mini-note PC applications may be 74% over the coming eight years.

Shipments of flat panels for all applications decreased 12% from Q4'07 to 881.7 million units on normal seasonal weakness in Q1'08. Compared to Q1'07, shipments increased 15%, led by demand for mini-note PC, digital picture frames and portable navigation devices. On a unit share basis, mobile phone applications consumed 45.8% of all flat panels in Q1'08. By comparison, the next largest consumption came from conventional PC applications for desktop and laptop displays, which used 9.1% of the flat panels shipped. Panels for LCD TV and Plasma TV sets comprised 3.5% of shipments. On a display area basis, TFT LCD technology provided 88.6% of total FPD area in Q1'08. PDP technology delivered 9.4% and OLED delivered 0.1% of the total.

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Konica Minolta and Universal Display Corporation Announce OLED Technology License Agreement for Lighting Applications

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Young Joong Noh, developer of OLED parts at Samsung, confirmed to TechRadar the sets will be coming next year, with a similar £1,000 plus price tag.

"Sony's TV is only standard definition; in our case we'll have a HD OLED TV with 120Hz capability," he said.

"Our plan is to try and release it at CES 2009."

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縱然有比較高的 yield rate 但是使用新製程,不知道配套的設備與技術是不是真的已經到位了,要不然光Time-to-Market就輸 CMEL, SAMGSUNG SDI 一大截了。


Liu mentioned that OLED panels have a higher contract ratio, lower power consumption and are much thinner compared to the thin film transistor (TFT) LCD panels. And as OLED technology matured, costs will drop below than of TFT. AUO will also focus its development on efficient OLED manufacturing processes. Liu explained that a-Si technology is more suited for OLED panel making because a-Si has better yield rates and more stable circuits compare to LTPS technology.

Although Liu noted that the panel maker has made several breakthroughs concerning materials and equipment recently, AUO estimates that it will take at least three years for the technology to be mature enough for mass production. Hence AUO plans to mass product small- to medium-size OLED panel in 2011, and then larger-sized panels in another 3-5 years.

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買進韓商 AM-OLED 蒸鍍設備



每單位價格: 848182032元;
Doosan Mecatec, co., Ltd

On the strength of its continued R&D activities, Doosan Mecatec has become
the leader of the display manufacturing equipment industry in Korea, and is now advancing into the global market.
We are supplying 4th-generation AMOLED large area equipment, the first of its kind in
the world, as well as 2nd-generation AMOLED mass production equipment to
a number of leading manufacturers of display devices, and have successfully developed PDP MgO deposition equipment.

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Kodak 發表,7吋OLED 數位相框(CMEL提供面板), US$999


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台灣的廠商已經跟OSRAM, Philips 簽署 OLED Lighting Product的授權協定??



To take advantage of the booming demand for OLED lighting, Taiwan makers have signed agreements with leading conventional light bulb manufacturers Philips and Osram to share the two makers’ patented OLED lighting product designs.

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OLED Display 的合作關係。


The (OLED display) companies are experimenting with several competing material application technologies, including vapor deposition and ink-jet printing. There are also different organic compounds that can be used and a lot of work is going into studying those. Sony and LG are both working with Japan's Idemitsu while Panasonic has tied up with Sumitomo Chemical.

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LG想在OLED的競賽中先超越三爽 ??
LG&Kodak兩家原先在 ITC 互訴 ... Kodak 把 BU 賣掉然後專收權利金。
去年 Kodak 的 OLED 數位相框$999真的是很糟糕的商品企劃。


Kodak announced today that they have sold all their OLED related assets to a group of LG companies. Kodak will still have access to the technology to use in its own product.

This is a sad day for Kodak I think - they have invented OLEDs in 1970 and have been working on the technology for 40 years now (!). It'll be interesting to see what LG will do with Kodak's IP (which is mostly about Fluorescent OLEDs and manufacturing equipment). In any case, LG is showing that they are truly committed to OLEDs.

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Konica Minolta 與歐洲的公司發展 OLED 照明。


Konica Minolta positions the organic thin-film photovoltaic business as one of the most promising in the environment and energy field, next to the organic light emitting diode (OLED) business, where our photographic film manufacturing technology is leading mass production,"